Our services include expertise in HR Recruitment, IT solutions, Statistical Analysis, and Health and Medical Management Services. Within our Health and Medical Management Services we provide Application Processing, Claims and Billing/Payment Services, Medical Coding, Medical Research, and Pharmacological Research. Jing Xing Technologies possess both academic and field experience in a broad range of skills grounded in a solid scientific knowledge base that provides solutions for your business needs.  

  Jing Xing Technologies, Inc. a recent graduate of the 8(a) program of the U.S. Small Business Administration, was organized 14 years ago to provide scientific, technical, and managerial resources for effectively responding to detrimental conditions that impact on human health. In addition to our hands-on scientific, technical and management skills, we also have a proven proficiency in looking at the desired objectives of healthcare/medical programs and operations from a business perspective and implementing a more efficient method of performance.